About Me

Tierra N. Thomas

My Brand

TNT Creations

My Vision

I’m focused on Content Creation. I have a variety of talents that I can utilize in different fields. I am passionate about both education and entertainment. My ultimate goal is to have my own talk show one day, where I can share inspirational stories around the world. I also plan to open a school that will empower students through cultural studies and education. I will do this by using my skills to network and work with professionals in a variety of fields.

I have experience working in a variety of fields and knowledge in different positions. For example, when it comes to videography I can film with a variety of cameras and catch creative angles. I can also edit in several different programs. I have created short films, commercials, music videos, documentaries, and vlogs. I also have experience on camera with hosting, voiceovers, reporting and interviewing. I am a fast learner and I pay attention to detail. My goal is to understand my clients vision and help it come to life in a creative and fun way.


My goal is to be honest and authentic. I have taken classes for most of the services I offer such as videography, photography, graphic design, and financial education. I have also connected with mentors in each field and studied on my own time to enhance my skills. I’m always learning how to improve and perfect my craft. For example, something that is unique that I can offer to a client who is going to prom. I can do the desired hairstyle, makeup look, and a photoshoot for the event.

My Story

I started off as a young girl fascinated with TV and TV production. I would daydream about being a big star like Beyoncé! When I realized I didn’t necessarily have the voice to be a R&B singer my next goal was to be a news anchor! Specifically a CNN anchor or correspondent. I moved from California to Connecticut to Florida. When I was in the 5th grade I auditioned for my school’s news team. I was casted as an anchor and reporter, that’s when my passion for video production really took off! Before then I would play around on my parents cameras and take a lot of random pictures and videos. But when I actually joined ENN, my elementary school news team I gained a lot of video production skills to create real content! As a 9 year old I learned how to work with professional production equipment, chroma-key, Final Cut Pro, production vocabulary, on-camera talent, and so much more. At the time, I lived in Polk County Florida and I was involved in ITV (Instructional Television). A lot of schools in the county had state of the art studios and access to professional equipment, workshops, and advisors. I was obsessed and took advantage of every opportunity! Imagine a child version of the Emmys! That was the Polk County Video Awards. It was the coolest thing to me! There are 10 categories that each school can enter ranging from music videos to short films to documentaries. I participated in the Polk County Video Awards for eight years in a row and my goal was to win Category 5 “Female Announcer” since I was in the 5th grade.

This is how I started making a ton of content. I would check out a big professional camera and tripod from my school and a computer that had FInal Cut Pro. I would go around the state of Florida filming any and everything! Festivals, colleges, parks, sports, shows, etc. My parents even let me bring the production equipment on a road trip to DC to film a package at the White House and National Mall. Almost everyday of my life from the 5th to the 12th grade I was either filming or editing some sort of project. After trying and failing each year since the 5th grade, I won Best Female Announcer my senior year of high school! Check out “Category 5 – Female Announcer – Lake Gibson – Tierra Thomas” on YouTube! It’s funny because I laugh now at how serious I took video production as such a young girl. I started producing and directing in high school and would stress myself all the way out trying to get a full news show completed and aired each day.

While attending UCLA I turned the skillsets I learned in video production classes in Florida into a freelance hobby. Freshman year I received an internship for UCLA Athletics where I filmed and edited short videos for a variety of sports. I also had a chance to do some reporting and interviewing as well! Throughout my time on campus I filmed the majority of Black Bruin events and posted it on my Youtube Channel, TNT Creations. I started vlogging regularly, which is something I wish I did in high school. Now that I’ve graduated I’ve launched my business, TNT Creations where I will do freelance videography, photography, graphic design, and a few other services.

I do videography, photography, graphic design, make-up, hair, hosting, interviewing, directing, and producing. I specialize in capturing and telling stories. Some people may know me as a campus or beauty vlogger on Youtube. However, I want to be known as an individual who shares inspiring stories. I like to document the stories of different individuals who are passionate about what they do. I will have more content coming soon that features different artists and individuals who are walking in their purpose. My goal is to have my own talk show one day where I can travel the world and interview different people who have inspired their communities with their talents or gifts.
Valedictorian | Homecoming Queen | Class President
UCLA Graduate | Freelance Business Owner | Content Creator
Business Owner | Full-Time Creator | Travel Enthusiast
CEO of TNT Creations Network & Production | School of Arts & Performance